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Michael Romero and Kevin Jamieson founded Booyaa Clothing Company in August of 1998.

Romero began his journey in August of 1998 with a design, the Booyaa name, and a vision of what he believed would be the most functional and stylish fishing short available on the market. The idea was than brought to long time friends Doug and Kevin Jamieson who owned and operated Nationwide Screenprint, a Southern California based screenprint, embroidery and uniform manufacturing company. With insight from hard-core anglers, boat captains, deckhands and fishing professionals the three created the ultimate pair of fishing shorts, the Original Cargo Style Battle Shorts.

As the popularity of the fishing shorts and the rest of the Booyaa line continued to grow, it became more and more difficult to keep up with production. The common refrain from anglers and the fishing industry as a whole was, "It's a great short if you can get it."

Booyaa Clothing CompanyBooyaa's unwillingness to sacrifice quality to simply fill orders has made getting your hands on some of their industrial strength clothing a hit or miss endeavor in the past. The slogan Made Hard to Play Hard is indicative of the trials and tribulations of manufacturing clothes that are durable and built to last.

Durability and function without the sacrifice of style has been a hallmark of the clothing line and is the key to the enduring popularity of the line.

We are proud to say that Our Original Cargo Style Battle Shorts and Pants are Made in the United States of America.

We are proud to say that Our Original Cargo Style Battle Shorts and Pants are Made in the United States of America

Original Cargo Style Battle Shorts
Booyaa Clothing Company designs clothing that are specifically geared toward the hard-core angler. Our line of apparel emphasizes function, comfort and durability. The mainstay of our product line is our Original Cargo Style Battle Shorts. The fishing short is designed to function better than any other short in the industry. This is a very intense design that is being hand sewn with the highest grade fast drying, stain resistant, durable 4-ply Nylon material. The design is unique with a total of 8 pockets, 2 of which are tool holsters designed with a reinforced RAISED 600 denier Cordura to act as a backboard to assist with tool placement. The battle shorts also have 2 front and 2 rear cargo pockets with Velcroe closures and 2 super deep hand pockets.

Set our short side by side any other short on the market and the quality, workmanship and style will show to be overtly evident. Hands down the most killer fishing short you will ever wear.

The Word Booyaa
One of the most frequently asked questions is; what does Booyaa mean? Booyaa is a Registered Trademark that means different things to different people in different social settings. To us as anglers it is a nice fish, a hook-up, a fresh one, a perfect hook set, or a nice clean head gaff. It is a word that is an exclamation that runs parallel to yahoo! It is an expression of sheer exuberance. You will hear the word being used as an exclamation in a lot of different formats. It is highly recognized on television and radio. It is a general term you may here in football as a touchdown, baseball as a home run, golf as a hole in one, hockey as a goal and in basketball as a slam-dunk. Booyaa is an Anglers expression of the ultimate rush.

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